Ice cream me
Ice cream me

Ice cream me

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My ‘hidden face’ series of paintings is about how as a naturally shy introvert personality I would hide under a false persona aided by alcohol which allowed me to present what I thought would be a more appealing and enable me to socialise. In one painting I am hiding behind some bright sunny sunflowers another some feminine peonies and another an ice cream, both of these objects cast assumptions onto the viewer about the personality behind. You might assume the person behind is happy, fun loving, outgoing and carefree as this is the image being presented to you but the reality of the person behind the object might be entirely different. Part of my recovery from addiction has been to uncover my true nature underneath the constructs and to accept myself as I am so I don’t have to hide anymore.

I paint in a very energetic and intuitive way to try and get a sense of energy, movement and atmosphere. To keep the eye moving I keep the forms in the painting fluid, the figure is broken up in places and drips off at the bottom.

It is painted on stretched canvas the sides are painted white. Ready to hang.

Size: 84cm x 60cm W x 1 in

Ships in a cardboard box

Please note: If you are ordering from outside Europe you might be subject to Tax, this is the purchasers responsibility.

Please email me if interested in buying this painting

Dimensions 84 × 60 × 10 cm


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