The story behind my painting Hera and Lo
The story behind my painting Hera and Lo

The story behind my painting Hera and Lo

This painting depicts the goddess Hera who was married to the womaniser Zeus, once he turned his lover Lo into a cow to hide her from his wife hence the cow which appeared in a ghostly form in the early stages and I resisted the temptation to work on it more because I liked it like that. Hera gradually morphed into Marie Antoinette and I decided to go with it as I see Hera as similarly haughty and spoilt.

She has ‘ I love you but I hate you’ round her head because she was consumed with jealousy which made her quite vindictive. I have her holding a peacock which she is associated with, and a lily which symbolises innocence and purity as I see her as one of those women who keep up the appearance of being perfect and innocent. I was inspired by a painting by Robert Winthrop Chanler (swipe to see) that was my starting point for this painting so I wanted to have red in the background as a nod to that. Robert Winthrop Chanler isn’t very well known but he was a wonderfully bohemian American early 20th century artist which I’m coming to realise is the era I’m most drawn to at the moment.

Hera & Lo mythology painting

Title: Hera and Lo

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 50cm x 50cm

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