A very special 80’th birthday present
A very special 80’th birthday present
portrait commission from photographs

A very special 80’th birthday present

I wanted to give my Mother in Law Lilia something special for her 80’th birthday, something to remind her of her life in Peru (she now lives in America but spent most of her life in Peru). My husband found an old photo of Lilia, when she was 16 wearing the traditional Peruvian Ñusta clothing so I used this as my reference for a portrait.

The biggest challenge was that the photo had limited colour information, being a black and white photo that had been coloured after. My aim was to breath more life into the picture and more authentic colours, a lot of the painting was guess work using my experience of painting different skin tones.

Lilia was so delighted by her present, she proudly shows it to all her friends when they come to visit.

Get in touch info@elliecontreras.co.uk if you have a loved one with a special birthday and would like to commission a portrait for an extra special gift.

portrait commission
portrait from photo
oil painting portrait commission
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